Property management

With our Property Management service, we make sure that our clients can focus solely on their investment taking all liabilities related to the real estate (technical, financial, legal, etc.) off their shoulders.
We work based on approved business plan and ensure transparency by regular reports, so our clients can have an accurate knowledge of their investments and all related matters.

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International Experience

Our team is deeply knows and implements the international market trends and best practices, due to their professional experience and qualifications. This way, our client can trust to receive the highest quality service, combining local and international knowledge of the industry.

Technical Expertise

Major part of our colleagues have technical qualification and facility management experience, so our clients can reach out to us as expert partners.

Stable Operation

With a financially stable ownership structure and a substantial clientele behind, we serve our clients as a reliable and solid partner. This background also enables us to move significant additional resources when taking over new portfolios or in the event of any emergency.

Shareholder’s view

Many of our colleagues have already worked in Asset Management, thus they are aware of the expectations and can manage the properties accordingly. This ensures smooth cooperation with our clients, so they can count on us as much as their own colleagues.

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