Property management

With our Property Management service, we make sure that our clients can focus solely on their investment taking all liabilities related to the real estate (technical, financial, legal, etc.) off their shoulders.
We work based on approved business plan and ensure transparency by regular reports, so our clients can have an accurate knowledge of their investments and all related matters.

What we offer

International Experience

Our team is deeply knows and implements the international market trends and best practices, due to their professional experience and qualifications. This way, our client can trust to receive the highest quality service, combining local and international knowledge of the industry.

Technical Expertise

Major part of our colleagues have technical qualification and facility management experience, so our clients can reach out to us as expert partners.

Stable Operation

With a financially stable ownership structure and a substantial clientele behind, we serve our clients as a reliable and solid partner. This background also enables us to move significant additional resources when taking over new portfolios or in the event of any emergency.

Shareholder’s view

Many of our colleagues have already worked in Asset Management, thus they are aware of the expectations and can manage the properties accordingly. This ensures smooth cooperation with our clients, so they can count on us as much as their own colleagues.

Our Portfolio

Client testimonials

Hajnalka Farkas, MRICS

Asset Management Team Lead/OTP Real Estate Fund Ltd.

„ICON has been managing a significant part of the real estate portfolio of OTP Real Estate Fund and OTP PRIME Real Estate Fund for several years. For us, ICON is a strategic property and facility management partner we can always rely on. The team of up-to-date, proactive experts and the innovative solutions developed by the company contribute greatly to the success and competitiveness of our portfolio.

Kata Laczkó

Workplace Manager/EPAM

„At ICON, tasks are monitored using user-friendly operating software. In addition to technical assistance, a wide range of professional support is available. The daily operational work schedule is complemented by a 24/7 standby service, which performs at a high standard and with great efficiency. Additionally, it is noteworthy that Managers and the staff are always available or return calls within a short period of time."

Gábor Kvancz

The Chairman of the Board of Directors/Bonitás Real Estate Fund

„I have been working with the ICON Real Estate Management team for many years, both in property and facility management. I have found them to be a service provider that I can turn to for expert advice on all aspects of our properties. I value ICON's ability to deliver quality in both property management and facility management, enabling them to handle even the most complex tasks quickly and smoothly."

Viktor Hegedűs

CEO/APFM-Systems Ltd.

„In ICON, we have found a reliable, expert partner with a forward-thinking approach. They use the property and facility management software we distribute to make the operational costs of buildings transparent, and oversee the work of maintenance staff and subcontractors. Our system has been integrated with the owners' enterprise resource planning system, enabling automatic data processing, thereby reducing the possibility of errors, while making it possible for their clients to continuously monitor factors influencing the value of their properties."

NIX Tech Ltd.

„NIX is an international IT service provider, the office of which is taken care by ICON. They have a lot on their plate, as it involves several thousand square meters of office space. We maintain a good relationship with their expert team. They handle emerging needs flexibly and respond to our requests promptly."

Dominika Drótos

Office Manager/Howden Hungary Ltd.

„The employees of Icon Real Estate Management Ltd. without exception carry out their work with maximum professional precision and dedication. The entire company is characterized by a customer-centric approach. The complexity of their operation is reflected in coordinating daily workflows in accordance to the legal compliance of the office building. We appreciate the helpful attitude of the entire Icon team, and we continue to rely on their service."

Viktória Takács

Area Manager Eastern Europe/Nokia

„The Nokia Skypark office building, managed by Icon, houses one of Hungary's largest IT and telecommunications R&D centers. The work carried out in the 25,000 m2 building complex serves the entire global Nokia network, making it operational 24/7, 365 days a year. It requires continuous PM supervision, in addition to ensuring the highest technical and personal safety standards. The Property Manager of ICON handles all matters related to our office diligently. As a reliable partner, we can always count on him in every aspect."

Robert Pallagi

Facility Director/Vasas FC Sports Complex

"The facility management of Vasas Illovszky Rudolf Stadium and the associated sports complex are not the usual professional challenge. The stadium, with more than five thousand seats, double entry gates, a three-storey main building, center and reserve training fields with hybrid and natural grass—which must meet strict UEFA and MLSZ requirements—as well as digital LED walls, extra lighting technology, and spaces suitable for broadcasts and guest receptions, makes the operation of the stadium and the adjacent sports facilities a complex task. Without extensive technical expertise, efficient organization, and diligent care, this cannot be accomplished. In ICON, we have found a service provider that, with its knowledgeable team and proactive approach, can ensure smooth operation, much to the delight of athletes and fans alike."

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