Facility management

ICON provides complete facility management mainly of Class A and B office buildings, shopping centres and logistics parks, as a contracted partner. This includes the continuous technical management, operation and preservation of the property, the provision of daily processes, the addressing fault reports, the maintenance of equipment (elevators, heating and cooling, fire protection, etc.), security, cleaning, gardening, pest control and all measures to help and improve the use of the building.

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Flexible Services

We always strive for answering customers needs related to facilities promptly, in a flexible way, even at night or on weekends, should they be minor to major breakdowns or accidents of the property.

Facility Manager Approach

When managing and maintaining the properties entrusted to us, we always focus on the preservation and cost-effective operation of the property, continuously increasing trust and satisfaction of the owners.

Service Provider Attitude

While managing properties, we pay special attention to maintain high-quality services to keep the tenants satisfied in the long run.

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